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IACTA The new dice game. for 2 players.
Many games build on historic games or complicated rules.
  • IACTA is not like these games.
  • IACTA is simple and yet advanced.
    Through millennea dice has probably been one of the most used playing tools. In almost all games the dice however is only used to find a random number. In IACTA the dice are both the playing pieces and the random elements.
    Try for yourself to throw the dice and experience a facinating game, where a combination of luck and strategy will lead you to victory. Read ALL about IACTA here.
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    Click for = Washing up at camp sites / By Katrine Bundgaard
    Sites In Consideration
    Camping in France
    Les Hauts de Ratebout, 24170 Belves - Dordogne - France, Tel:0033 (0)553 290 210, Fax:0033 (0)553 290 828, Email: Camping Le Paradis, 24290 Saint-Léon sur Vézère - Dordogne - France, Tel:0033 (0)553 507 264, Fax: 0033 (0)553 507 590, Email:
    Camping sites - Denmark
    Hobby Caravans
    Skanderborg Sø Camping Tlf:+4586511311, Horsensvej 21, 8660 Skanderborg
    Camping sites - Germany
    Natur camping Prinzenholz am Keller see Campingplatz BUM Borgdorf/Seedorf Tlf:0049 4392 84840
    Campingpark Augstfelde, ViererSee Plön syd, 0049(0)4522 8128 Camping Prahljust
    Clausthal Zellerfeld / Oberharz Tlf:0049 (0)5323 1300, Langen Brüchen 4, D-38678 From Clausthal-Zellerfeld towards Braunlage, via B242, after 1.5 km, right, yet 1 km to right. (Ruhezeit 13-14)
    Visit Osterode, the pedestrian street. At 17.30 my favorite restaurant opens: "Der Grieche" on Hellhofstrasse 6 +49 5522 72502
    *** (2002) NordBayern: Spessart-Camping "Schönrain" D-97737 Gemünden-Hofstetten. Tlf:+49 9351 8645 Autobahn 7 South of Fulda, ausfahrt Hammelburg mod Gemünden down the wiggling road, past the city, along the railroad, under the bridge immediately left, on the bridge right, over the bridge to Hofstetten
    Visit campingcenter "Volkert" in Weickersgrüben (East of Gemünden +49 9357 485
    Camping sites - Austria
    Puch hotel Kirchenwirt
    Camping sites - France
    Annecy "Camping-Lac-Bleu" Le Lac Bleu, 74210 Doussard +334 50443018 at the end of the lake. *** (2002) "Le Solitaire du Lac +334 50685930" Eait the highway at "Annecy South" follow the signs for "Albertville", past Annecy outskirts, down to the lake. then south 7.2 km, then left, total 7.8 km after exiting Annecy. They only speak French but are very nice.
    "Europa" 1444 Route d'Albertville, 74410 St-Jorioz +334 50685101 about the middle of the lake Camping de la Ravoire +334 50443780 almost to the south ofthe lake
    clebelvedere?-Annecy cpredavril?-Annecy
    camping le madrid(Annecy) camping les fontaines(Annecy)
    Camping sites - Holland
    Landal GreenParks
    Camping sites - Belgium
    (2002) At the city Spa. ca 15 km south east of Liege. "Parc des Sources" Rue de la Sauveniére 141, B-4900 Spa. Tlf 0032 87 77 23 11 The owner is Dutch and speaks fine English, German and French.
    Camping/Hotel sites - Czech Republic, Praha
    Hotel Salvator, Praha Tlf:+420-2-22312234
    This is a super hotel (Danish link)
    Sverige Camping
    Stockholm Super site TomTit Stockholm
    Ingeniøren Scientific American
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    PCWorld PCWorld(DK) Internet Magazine Electronics-Express
    Elektronik i Norden TMWorld EDN Access (6) Delft Outlook
    Technology review Itbranchen
    Job Centers
    Styromatic, Runetoften 19, 8210 Århus V
    Ing Højskolen i Århus Århus Teknisk skole Silkeborg TS Randers TS
    Femmøller efterskole 86362400
    Polycore optik Progressive Varilux
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    VeloSolex Body Kart/Solex Random dot stereogram Anoto digital paper
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    Bo Bedre Pi-Hus sjov Musik video mm TulsaTVmemories(Mike Ransom)
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    PC butik syd for århus Computer ting Control Engineering IAR Embedded Compiler
    Bibelen og Navnet gamecopyworld Vicor Power modules
    Bent Nielsen ( Http:// & Http://
    PhysTechSoft PTS-DOS 6.6 NeoSoft
    QuikMenu 4 Windows, QuikMenu III, NeoPaint, NeoBook, NeoDraw, NeoShow; PhantomScreen
    UK Dealer
    DK Dealer
    ?? -Volkov Commander
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    SoftGuns Undulater Leadtek WinfastTV/ Pinnacle
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    Canon Powershot S45 Canon Powershot S40/S45 Camera (Samsung 350SE) Sony DSC-P7
    Canesta virtual keyboard(mouse?) ReConnect computer butik Molex connectorer StudyWorksOnline
    Microsound høreapparat Gaby's CP/M Mårslet Program eggs
    Canon Powershot A70 Canon Powershot A70 Canon Powershot A70 Canon Powershot A70
    Canon Powershot A70 Batteries Siemens, Paper display, virtual mouse
    X PRIZE Space program SpaceShipOne 3pers 100km SpaceShipOne Euro Space Center
    Space Links Open source MDI The air car
    Pauls 8051 Code lib Metro transducer Research USB development
    20kr+1kr/stk billeder
    Irishgaelictranslator Greg's photoshop Philips Research
    Siemens(flere mikr=Retning, Telespole=Kirke) Hotel formule1 Hotel Premiere Classe
    ESA SMART to the moon ESA MARSexpress Neonode N1 Mobil Siemens Virtual mouse
    Galleri Rita
    Deutsches Museum, München astro astroinfo
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    Amtsgymnasiet i Odder Arto Eisbjerghus Efterskole Fin Form
    Guitar Tabs @ Harry Potter fanfiction Harry Potters officielle website
    HP links HP Romance Savage Garden
    STAR WARS Fan Site . . . SUGARCULT VeryFunnyPics com - Funny Pictures, Comics, and Cartoons
    sourceforge utilities RA2 Des08tor Yuri's Return Homepage Ra2 HQ SHP downloads
    Sleipnir's Stuff View topic - 2 new infantry and more coming! Sleipnir's Stuff View topic - New Infantry Shps The Modding Den (MODDEN) - modden cncden com Editing Command & Conquer RTS Games! CNC Mod Makers - Mods
    Downloads EAGLERED - Screenshots RA2 Brutal Warfare Mod
    ra2 crazy Red Alert 2 XRA2X Red Alert Trainers City - Trainers-Cheats C
    AI Turmite -- from MathWorld AI Zooland Build your own model Hovercraft Build your own RC Model Hovercraft
    CNCSERIES COM ¦ An Epic. - 050244 P.M. counter strike cd key Counterstrike - hacks - cheats - scripts and more ... counterstrike
    westwood-pub-redalert2-previews-audio-ra2blowitupfull.mp3 westwood-pub-redalert2-previews-audio-ra2destfull.mp3 G-PLAY PC Cheats, solutions, faqs, trainers, editors Google-søgning +trainers+ra2
    Groza Trainers cheatsportal Jubii Games - Counter-Strike
    Judgment Theme Deck - Spectral Slam Kanzi Les trainers LinkMania Red 2 World 6.0 - New face, same great body Red Alert 2 DeeZire - powered by vBulletin Red Alert 2 XRA2X
    Red Alert Archive The best place for all your Red Alert needs Red Alert2 Valve ERC ZEROPING's CS Maps
    7 Deadly Sims Roman Costumes Simorphor Faces Spaceports
    The Sims Resource - Skins The Sims Town - The Sims links
    The Legend Of Zelda Oracle Of Seasons cheats, codes, hints, FAQs Nintendo Game Boy Color ZELDA ORACLES OF SEASONS CHEATS AND HINTS 15 000 cheats-hints-walkthroughs - Fastcheater The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons GameSpot Game Boy Color Home The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons
    The Legend Of Zelda Oracle Of Seasons cheats, codes, hints, FAQs Nintendo Game Boy Color !! MIDIER ,Walt Disney World Music Australia
    BESKEDER digitalMass at Boston
    DivX Digest - Star Wars Episode II Breathing DivX 4.x Teaser full length music videos online Greece Maps simpaintings-moviestvgallery
    st andrews school bedford Inkjet Pearl Life Universal Computer LogicGames Everett Kaser Software
    LÆS Ethernet-Howstuffworks MIDI Files Mozart..musik
    Music Videos - Oversigt over radiostationer Pixar Short Films
    Rhodes map Rodos webcam - Download sheet music and scores Star Wars Episode II Episode II Trailers Clone War
    SVG Mayura Draw The Beatles Music tyngdebølger
    Ventoline Correspondence Form VENTOLINE VENTOLINE Glaxo Smith Kline Sverige Warp Radio )))
    Zelda - SoftCAD.3D 1.16Lite Free LEGO CAD RealTime LAN
    Sketchup CAD Amabilis 3D CAD
    Northdragon's 3D Webmaker
    Radio Bench Circuits
    Circuit Cellar - Magazine for Computer Application Keil C++ compiler for 8051 Ethernet PCI chip
    Jasc-PSP Sharp User club (Sharp PC-1211) PC1211 Pocketcomputer Comp museum
    Wireless USB Screen filters New Zilog processor
    Sharp 3D LCD The Bangles The Bangles strandbeest
    Tim Prentice Kinetic Sculptures Logitech Kyocera smartphone SansiTwins Links
    Cadbury Chokolad VejrØ til salg psp tutorial link psp tutorial linkRing
    ModelTog ModelTog ModelTog Software
    bruger: swep26 Password: markwrite ?? Lockoutcode: musicislife & alleswirdgut jpop-mp3 camping aircondition
    ZX81 Said to be a super emulator Matthew´s ZX81-homepage software ZX80/81 Emulator (Good)
    How to build a ZX80/81 Another ZX80/81 Emulator about zx81 about zx81
    A ZX80 manual Spectrum for Psion Super source of Spectrum
    AMD Analog Devices Atmel Cypress
    Dallas EM Marin Epson Fairchild
    Hitachi Infineon Intel Intersil
    JRC LSI Logic Microchip Mitsubishi
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