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2018-02-11: Maarten van der Velde wrote an eMail to me, describing his website.

Paper cutting SOMA.
A very nice homepage, showing many ways of folding boxes, decorations, games...
Well, you'd better see for yourself.
The fantastic thing about this page is that you may change dimensions of the things to fold.
And then printout these shapes directly on your printer

And then of course that there is also a foldable SOMA description.

2016-12-27: Jean-Christophe Beumier has made a nice homepage Un cube nomm Soma, illustrating some SOMA puzzles for you to assemble.
Here: It's in French, but the figures are just as usable for any language of the Earth.

The figures are shown using the height principle, described as the "Pyramid notation" here:


Aaron Son's Titanium SOMA.
Today 14-09-2016 The SOMA puzzle is appearing in a very special version.
Aaron Son has started a Kickstarter project with the intent of manufacturing a series of SOMA puzzles all made in precious Titaneum metal.
The first version is shown here.

Check out Aaron's Kickstarter web pages on this link:

It is a really pretty puzzle, and the Kickstarter page also show a wonderfull amount of nice pictures and videos.

SOMA in a new APP
From John Niss Hansen <> I now (2016-09-05) received information about a new -upcoming- software.
The Software / App is intended for more than one type of puzzles, with SOMA being one of them.
An interesting twist is that this software will allow you to solve the SOMA-cube in a 4 Dimensional version
The App is both for manual and interaktive solving upto 4 dimensions.
Automatic solving of the SOMA cube takes a few seconds for all solutions.
The App is written in APL under Windows, and the possibility for transport to a tablet is being investigated.

In the 4D version of SOMA the box would be 3x3x3x3 and the pieces be the usual ones, exept using 3 sets.
A large number of solutions can be made by taking 3 casual normal SOMA solutions and place them along the 4'th dimension.
Actually more than the usual 240 solutions from each 3D box are possible because the 2 chirale pieces of SOMA will now be congruent and not necessarily mirror images.

Pieces are layed by first selecting the piece from the list, and move it around the possible positions in the box.
The piece is successively fixed by pointing to the places where it should touch.
So - you do not have to manually turn the piece.

The numbers to the right of the unused pieces indicatehow many ways the piece can be positioned in the remaining free space.
The small "Lamp" is green when a solution is possible, "Red" when it is not, and "Black" when the software is indecisive.

(This link has stopped:)
My good friend Courtney McFarren (of Ohio. U.S.A.)
The original author of a brilliant solution finder program.
Courtney made some 798 figures. He and I have made the SOLVE figure editing and solution finder program.
Ross Channing
From Canberra, Australia is presenting a Windows compatible SOMA program (somasolver) on his homepage. This is a pretty program, It allows you to interactively enter a Soma shape and solve it. Operating is 3D it gives an extremely nice image, but currently it will not save nor load any figure files.

It seems that I have lost contact with Ross, and that his page is no longer active. The links don't work).
So I have taken the liberty of posting Ross SOMA solver on my Newsletter page.
Newsletter 2010.02.18 "SOMA Solver from Ross."
I just found a Turkish App on the Google Play store. They write:
"Soma Cubes is one of most brain burning 3D puzzle games invented by Piet Hein in 1933 and its roots go back to Pentomino puzzles in which the player attempts to construct 2D shapes bu using the shapes looking like alphabet and each consisting of congruent squares, connected along their edges.
Purpose of this game is to construct a specified 3D shape by using various combinations of given 7 different 3D pieces"
Pax Puzzle
Looking for a supplier of pretty SOMA puzzles.??
It is a pleasure to point to the compagny Pax Puzzle. Stephanie Robinson presents a number of very fine puzzles made from the finest materials. The pricing range from $8.95 for a small version, through $11.95 opto $15.95 for the largest and finest version.
They even promote a $39.95 premium set of 3 puzzles (of which one is SOMA)
In addition to these fine SOMA's, Pax Puzzle also present a very large range of premium puzzle types. Besides SOMA (of course>) I was especially intrigued by the game 'Cathedral Travel'.
So do check their website.
Aleksandr Sizenko
This web site is one of the most interesting game sites on the web.
On his site Style 7 from Russia, Aleksandr presents a very long range of intriguing classic games, written with a nice and colorfull user interface.
It's operation is in 3D, giving a very nice screen layout.
The SOMA game is avalable at only $9.95 which seem to be a very good purchase for this game. While you are here, please check the other games too. There are a lot to any taste.
Seldom do we see a new SOMA program, Here we even have one that can be used directly on the web. - fantastic.
The user interface is unfortunately NOT straight forward, and the placement of the pieces is difficult. But never the less, give it a try, as this is the right direction to go.
Manfred Maass - Retina. (It's down at the moment !)

C. Kay Marshall (From Georgia. U.S.A.) have produced a large number (Near 100) of facinating and intriguing figures.
Surely one of the BEST puzzle sites, describing a huge number of pretty puzzles
Puzzle Talk. Present a long range of articles relating to mechanical puzzles, including SOMA. - presents two beautiful photos of somas together with more SOMA info
A Piet Hein page, in its making.
Soma Cube Java Applet
Play with a Soma Cube on your computer!
This is where I bought my Travel SOMA,,14,0.htm
a "Thinkfun" "Block by Block", together with a set of 60 figures to build (Most was known beforehand though)
Note that they use a different block number system - Our pieces 1234567 they call 1324675.
PS: They were prevously known as "Binary Arts"
A Crafty Puzzle Company.
Handmade Teak Wood Collapsible Puzzles for the whole family, which will test your IQ and lateral thinking.
Christian Eggermont presents 56 somafigures, a couple of which I didnt know (#179-#186). he created his page in 28 July 1997 and my check was based on his 1 Aug. 1997 version.
Jon Basden of "Highland Middle School" Highland, Illinois Is using SOMA in education, teaching cubes, volumes etc. in 7th Grade Math. On Jon's page, he has produced a whole study manual in cubic spheres, including a description on, how to make the pieces.(15.5.1998)
Jon gives a fair amount of links on his page.
Jim.Dorrington. present a short but colorfull list of 14 soma figures, but no further links.
Ranveig present an excellent historic life description of Piet Hein, and include some Grooks.
University of Waterloo's Museum of Games, present a one page article about the Soma cube. Featuring very nice photos of the Soma cube.
a site, presenting some 60 figures and a Java viewer.
Bill Osborne, Claremont Secondary School, Victoria, B.C. presents Project # 9 - The Soma Cube, how to build the pieces.
Trevor Wood Produces all sorts of wooden puzzles.
SOMA page - in Korean! (Thanks to Changmock Shin for telling me)
Fine but small page in a large collection of Polycube pages.
Mathematics Task Centre Project (Soma Cube 2).
Eric W. Weisstein show the marvellous rotating pieces, on his site, together with a large number of other interesting pages about Cube mathematics.
The soma cube search ring (Not the best).
Jrg von Knel's World of Wooden Puzzles - Beautifull web site.
A Duch page by Hein van Winkel (teacher of mathematics at the middle scool) Last update 8.8.1999, the single page is personal, and all in Dutch.
Michael J. Belczynski presents a program 'Soma3D' that will allow you to play SOMA on your PC.(Pentium + Windows 95)
The program is great, but the maneuvering interface of the pieces is (Unfortunately) poor.
NO - NO - NO !!! I Just discovered That this program have a short temporary shareware licence, whereafter you can't use it anymore (Unless you PAY !) OK the price is only 11$ (~10 EURO), but its not worth it, and
The Combinatorial Object Server (COS). You specify a type of combinatorial object, together with specific parameter values, and COS will return to you a list of all such objects. COS can among a lot of things, also do pentomino puzzle solutions.
A beautifull Polish homepage, showing how SOMA pieces may be made from folded Origami paper.

This grouping of pieces is shown
A SOMA Software Project
Roger Bailey searches programmers for a SOMA program.

Updated Jan 2005.
Jürgen Köller mail:jkoeller (at)
A very interesting, SOMA homepage. Holding a lot of information.
Remember to also visit Jürgen's mainpage at to see many other interesting puzzles in both German and English.
A Soma program. in OpenGL by:
Steve Copeland:

- Home URL.
Arturo Guillen:

- Home URL.
Jason Furmanek:

- Home URL.
Selling SOMA.
Jim Adams. of Rochester, New York, USA.
A very nice, small, SOMA homepage. Jim is mostly fascinated with multiple set figures. the diagrams.
A nice, small, SOMA page. showing a picture of a complete origami SOMA set.
A nice, small, SOMA page. showing various (known) SOMA figures.
Jan Kappen. of the Udens College, Holland, Europe.
Jan has made the worlds largest SOMA puzzle to be used in his College. Check out his homepage for A LOT of pictures of the puzzle and some of the pupils.
Read the Newsletter for more information. NEWS/N001129.HTM
A pretty French SOMA page
Andreas Gunnarsson one more solution, build in a box.
Rotating SOMA pieces.

12 sep. 2011 i've got these links from Darian Jenkins who writes.
Two days ago I found the solver I have spent years looking for. It lets you define any search volume and any piece set. It is easy to understand and use and is in java (works on any platform). You can define 27 or 54 cube volumes and than define the seven piece Soma set and see if the figure is solvable. You can do this all on line without downloading anything! Its on the lower left here:

Except for speed, I think it compares well with this Mr. Keiichiro's unpublished solver:

These stores in Florida and Georgia sell Soma cubes:

Another site with size compatable Soma / Soma+Plus and pentominoes is:

Where to Buy SOMA's
These SOMA seller's are listed in NO particular order!

DBOX  is probably the best puzzle I have ever seen.
As a SOMA I would still prefer the pretty rosewood SOMA versions. But if you are looking for more than just a SOMA. Then DBOX is the one. It will allow you to make a nice checkered set of SOMA pieces to play with. But at the same time it has so many other ways to be used.
Check my Newsletter about this great puzzle:
It will surely give you many hours of great puzzling time - including SOMA.
Find information here: Email:

DBOX is available in the biggest store on the planet "Amazon" at the retail price of $19.95
Unfortunately - Currently, Amazon does not ship toys outside the USA, but hopefully that will change, or maybe an outside-US dealer will be found for this great toy.

A new delightfull puzzle is available from DeeCube.
It is not SOMA, but the SOMA puzzles may be made by some of the pieces of the DeeCube
The DeeCube is a 4x4x4 cube, and it sort of extends the SOMA ideas to further opportunities.
Take a look at this puzzlepage, and see for your self. Here are several interesting puzzle opportunities.
Purchase price on the web is about $31 for this pretty set of wooden puzzle pieces.

A new delightfull puzzle is available from DeeCube.
It is not SOMA, but the SOMA puzzles may be made by some of the pieces of the DeeCube
The DeeCube is a 4x4x4 cube, and it sort of extends the SOMA ideas to further opportunities.
Take a look at this puzzlepage, and see for your self. Here are several interesting puzzle opportunities.
Purchase price on the web is about $31 for this pretty set of wooden puzzle pieces.

Wood'n'Things have a very pretty website, showing an abundance of nice wood'en toys.
Including "PU010 Cube Puzzle" which is a very pretty SOMA puzzle in a box.
The puzzle can be purchased for 9.95 UK-Pound plus packaging.

Mr Puzzle Australia is a wonderfull producer, making a LOT of different and facinating puzzles. Check out their Homepage
And the special SOMA page, where a pretty SOMA may be purchased for only 28 Australian Dollar.

Serious puzzles produce a wonderfull SOMA - Classic Wooden Puzzle at $15.95
This Soma have added visual appeal using dark and light hardwoods to create a checkerboard design. There are 240 different ways to make a cube, but we believe only four in the checkerboard design.
This puzzle comes with an illustrated insert which shows forms that can be made.
And the SOMA page.

JOEPA by Jörg Werner
JOEPA manufactures a very beautifull SOMA puzzle made of the finest walnut.
This exclusive gift costs 84 EUR

14.95$ SOMA Game.
Non-violent and educational games for the entire family
"Yav Games Developers Team" is a Russian compagny presenting a number of family games, one of which is a SOMA puzzle game.
The game is available on their web site, it is not freeware, ufortunately, but it seem to be nice to play with. Do note though, that it has a limited run time, without purchase. But those helping the producers might get a free registration.

England 15GBP. (app. 20$) SOMA.
Chiltern Games & Puzzles by Tim Dixon. Presents a VERY large collection of beautiful wood puzzles, The puzzles are more expensive than other producers, but absolutely the money worth.
This is also where you can buy the HEX puzzle. 12.5$ SOMA. 14$ SOMA. 12.5$ SOMA. 12.5$ SOMA.

Germany Bernhard Schweitzer's SOMA's 10$ SOMA. for a nice wood puzzle in a wooden box.
Here you can buy a lot of nice wood games, including puzzles and SOMA. This firm get a lot of puzzles from the compagny who manufactures only for wholesalers.
Check out this site for all Bernhard's cube puzzles.

Holland ??$ SOMA. for a puzzle.
I have no experience with these people, but check them out yourself.

Piet Hein Drink Cooler
The Super Ellipse / Drink cooler can be obtained from the Danish compagny Koala Reklame A/S, Lejrvej 7, DK-3500 Værlœse, Denmark. (It means Koala advertising)
The super egg products are:
No 221455 "Super egg in leather bag" Price DKK 99.75 (~15$)
No 227340 "Piet Hein DrinkCooler Polished steel" Price DKK 99.75 (~15$)
The compagny quotes minimum orders of 12 pieces. Maybe you could round up some friends and make a combined order. OR maybe - if you argue your case, they might be persuaded to sell these eggs in single quantities.

Gemani Games & Puzzles sell 2 sizes of the Soma cube, it is sold from their web site at
You may mail to Roger Mustoe

TC Import by Christer Magnusson
TCI at "Spel och Pussel"
TC Import sell various puzzles and games, and also include a very fine boxed SOMA puzzle.
The price is 100 SKR. about 14 EUR

DoubleTree Wooden Toys Manfacturing Co.,Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer of the most wonderfull wooden toys.
One of the leading wooden toys manufacturer and exporter in China,
specializing in producing various wooden toys and handicrafts. The products variety include wooden educational toys,wooden cube puzzles,wooden music box,wooden building blocks,wooden vehicles, wooden numbered train,wooden painting crafts,wooden carving animals etc. with great quality at competitive pricing.

Information about Puzzles I received these interesting puzzle links from Volker Pschel
You can find my puzzle and many more under Informations and


Martin Gardner, The Second Scientific American Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions,
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL, 1987.

Martin Gardner, Knotted Doughnuts and Other Mathematical Entertainments,
W. H. Freeman and Company, New York, NY, 1986.

Winning Ways for your mathematical plays
Volume 2: Games in particular
Elwyn R. Berlekamp, John H. Conway, Richard K. Guy
Academic Press. ISBN: 0-12-091102-7
Chapter 24 (Page 735) Pursuing Puzzles Purposefully
Reprinted with permission at Newsletter 1999.02.01.

Christoph Peter-Orth, All Solutions of the Soma Cube Puzzle, Discrete Mathematics, 57 (1985), 105-121.

Sivy Farhi, SOMA WORLD the complete soma cube"
Canberra Publishing & Printing Co. (1982), ISBN 0-949538-00-0
The very small booklet used to cost $4.99, but I don't know where it can be bought anymore.

Other links (Not SOMA) The Pentacube homepage.
Today (june 2014) Wilfried Ricken wrote to me again. This time to give me a link to a wonderfull homepage, showing a lot about Pentacubes.
Including a Javascript that show the assembly sequence of a series of nice figures.
Wilfried is an Engineer from Duisburg Germany and really like to build pentacubes. or, Click at the heart shaped game.
SOMA is a great game. But many puzzlers also enjoy other kinds of games. Mr. Dan Klarskov is one such enthusiastic person - His interest lies in flat (2D) puzzles. He produce these with a marvellous finish.
For the characters he use 10mm hardwood: Hard maple for cream color, Cherry, and dark American walnut are brown. They are polished with fine grain sandpaper and treated with natural oil on the surfaces. The framework is in 6mm dark walnut laminate and a 3mm base. Polished soft at the underside so that it does not scratch the table.
Visit his homepage to see the pretty games.
The game "PentoZoo step game" is a redevelopment of the French game "Katamino" from 1992. Note that the 12 pentominoes can make 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 x5 square puzzles.
Mr. Klarskov is very interested in this kind of stepwize puzzles, and he has developed 3 other games.
See also the the "MiniHex step game".
All his games are made by a "Jigsaw". The quality is the main issue, so each handmade game is a prime craftwork - The price of course is following this, but 500 DKK (67 Euro)(89$) is in my opinion a very fair price for these pretty games.
By the way - The "PentoZoo step game" is a succes for children even down to the age of 4-6. with an adult close by, of course.
For contact: Dan Klarskov - Klarskovs puzzles - Phone +45 4053 4510 - Mail:
Not all that come past my mailbox is SOMA.
This website is different, it presents a puzzle game, and As I said in my mail to Khail Santia, who owns this site. Wow this was fun.
You should definately try this game yourself
- PS. Rotation in Create and Challenge modes is controlled by the W,A,S,D keys or the NUMPAD 8,4,5,6 keys.
This one I wanted to share with you folks out there.
Diego de Pereda has created a very nice Rubik's cube guide to show how to solve the Rubik's Cube.
Most descriptions are quite complex. But in this one Diego have tried to do a website that shows the solutions as simple as posible. I think he has succeeded very nicely.
Solving Rubik's cube is something I never learn, but on this interesting page, "Shon" has made a very fine description of the steps involved in solving this fine puzzle.
There is also a page of tips and tricks.
Puzzles, Jigsaws and Brain teasers. The Unique 3d wooden puzzle toys.
You should definately check out this great page.
Wooden puzzles, 3d brain teasers, jigsaws, toy puzzle game, gifts arts and crafts. Teak jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, brainteasers logic game: From UK Engand.
PS:There are some GREAT link pages too
ZOME is probably one of the most interesting new things I have seen for many years. A "stick building" puzzle that is at the same time bound by mathematical reductions. EXTREMELY INTERESTING. Contact Brain-Power for Scandinavian representation, or for the producers page.
This page is a must for all Puzzle lovers. A source of extremely many wonderfull puzzles. AgeOfPuzzles presents a huge number of variations.
This guy introduced! Now this is one more super site.
Now, this is a fantastic site. A must for anybody who enjoys puzzles. These guys present a bundle of various puzzles. Of special interest you will probably find their PuzzleClub section, presenting hundreds of fun's for direct use.
A fantastic page about PENTOMINOES, lots of nice rotating JAVA pictures, these guys sell the puzzles including Question and answer cards.
Virtu Software by Douglas Twitchell presents a pretty PENTOMINOES page here.
The best page with A LOT of mathematics about Cubes.
Tiling and Packing results of Torsten Sillke.
Jay Jenicek (from San Antonio, Texas - U.S.A.) have one of the most inspiring pages about Pentominoes. The familiarities to Soma is close.
Dirk Laureyssens is the Inventor of Happy Cube 3D-Puzzles the first squishy 3D-Puzzle + 2D-puzzle made of foam, Dirk lives in Belgium (Europe). and he is the Owner of over 50 patents in various fields like. toys, premium, electronics, household products and industrial products.
His 'Happy Cube' page is definitely worth a visit.
An extremely challenging puzzle in which checkerboards of varying dimensions and a 4x4x4 cube are to be made in a tessellated fashion.
Never ending puzzle fun, trust me!
Site email address is:
A text file by Johan Myrberger, showing various cube type puzzles.

Link no longer works
A nice page by Yoshiya Shindo. the creator of the Neo-Diabolical Cube puzzle. showing various cube type puzzles.
(This puzzle is also described by Jim Adams at )
(A link to jim is also found earlier on this page)
Math Resources, math related news, books and web resources by Paul Cabay.
Daniel Tebbutt have produced a simply marvellous program, to solve the "Bedlam cube", try it out from his homepage.
Daniel stated (nov.24.2003) about the program, that "It's not very versatile, nor is it particularly fast (it averages a little less than 1 second per solution on a P4 2GHz, compared with 6 solutions per second for my C implementation), but it is written as a Java applet and it is nice and graphical (I spent about twice as long on the graphics as I did on the algorithm)."
I (Thorleif) disagree, it's a really fine program.
The sourcecode is even available.!
For the record, if you click 'next' 19,186 times, it will find each solution once, and only once.