Figure books

When you are using the SOMA figure books, you will notice that the screen is divided in 3 parts.

Notation for SOMA Solutions

  TOP        MIDDLE      BOTTOM        
4  5  2     7  5  5     7  7  6   BACK 
4  1  2     4  6  5     7  6  6        
1  1  2     4  3  2     3  3  3   FRONT

The diagrams above show, for example, that the T-shaped piece #3 is sitting at the bottom front, with three of its cubes on the bottom, and its single fourth cube sticking up into the front of the middle level. The three unit piece #1 lies entirely in the top level. With practice, it will become easy to visualize how a cube is constructed from a diagram, and to record your solutions with similar diagrams.

Here's a hint

If you too have trouble remembering which one is no 5 and which is no 6, then use my rules of thumb's;
The figures have shapes like hands, and we read from left to right, so count left=5 and right=6.
Of course if you are Arab or chinese, who read from other directions, you have to use some other rule.