SOMA Crystal
Bundgård & McFarren's
SOMA Figure Program


  A better Solver
The "SOMA Program" described in this text was the brainchild of my friend Courtney McFarren and me (Thorleif Bundgaard)
However since its release in 2001, the many passing years have brought us numerous new operating systems,
and being a DOS program, it is now almost impossible to get it to run.

Therefore I suggest that you check the newest "Windows Solver" made by Bob Nungester.
The DblSoma program. A super way to compute solvability.
For historic reasons the text will stay available below.

From Thorleif Bundgård & Courtney McFarren
The fantastic SOMA figure program:
This program will read SOMA text files, accept manual figure entry, compute solution to figures, show figures both as text and as graphic, that you may view from 4 sides.

Made by: Thorleif Bundgård Denmark. Europe.
Courtney McFarren Ohio. U.S.A.
The program described here is being jointly developed by Bundgård and McFarren The newest information will always be in this document.
Bundgård made the User interface program, and McFarren made the solution finder program.
Version: 1.21 Release. - - 7. Jan. 2001
Solve Manual.The manual: ⇐==== OBS: Do read this, much important stuff is waiting here.!
SOLVE121.ZIP.The Program, and a data file:
This version will show unsolved SOMA+plus figures.

To get more figure files, goto the 'All Images' page and download them.