A Spanish Soma folder.

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Here are the 4 pages from an Spanish version of Soma.

It was a Hand-crafted wooden Soma, with no legal advices, nor builder name, nor any code or reference. So it is no longer possible to contact the producer before publishing on the web.

Translation of page 1 text:


The words SOMA-CUBE are for SOMA (BODY) and CUBE (Cube), cubic figure. This amazing game was invented by Piet Hein. This seven pieces are made, each one, from 4 cubes, ensambled on different ways, unless the figure 1 that only has 3, adding a total of 27 cubes.

All pieces are different, and we must remark that figures 2 and 3 are inverted, as seen through a mirror. We can make cube by different ways. In addition of the 60 figures , including cube, that we show you, you can find many new figures, because this play combinations are infinite. In order to know the pieces, we encourage you to begin constructing the 6 figures below, each one with 2 pieces.

In addition to the geometric solids that looks like buildings or walls, you can see astounding Figures, like: Well fig 1, Baththub fig 2, Cross fig 20, Ships fig 27 and 29, Castles figs 33, 37, 39, Bed fig 36, Scorpion fig 42, Telephone fig 44, Planes fig 45 and 55, 'PERRO' fig 34, Ambulance fig 49, Sofa fig 48, Policeman fig 46, Turtle fig 56, Cross fig 58 and Snake 59.

In order to give the best imformation, we draw a little map, from the side or from the top, with the different levels in different colors, on figures that are more difficult.

- submitted by Lluis Rubio Suárez-Pazos

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