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SOMA News 16 Sep 1999

or How to make special pieces:

Many people ask, Where can I buy a SOMA puzzle?
From Lluis Rubio Suárez-Pazos I received the idea, that dices can be used:
Actually he gave me a package of dices to do the test.

SOMA sets can be made with parcheesi or poker dices: These come in mono or bi-color, and as each dice is 1 cm, the size of the cube will be about 3 cm.

I think it could be difficult to build with so small pieces, but I'm sure they will make pretty small figures.
Bigger dices can be used of course, 3 cm. (1") will be a really handy size.

The numbering of the dices is only helpfull in building the cube itself, but it's a great way to produce extra SOMA sets, so that you can start solving Double set SOMA's, and it's also a fine way to introduce colors.
May I suggest two cubes, One RED and one YELLOW

When you glue the dices I suggest that you place them so that they form the cube


Turn ALL dices so that they have: 5 at the top, 1 to the right
in this way "One side is all 1, the next all 2, etc". in the same order as the dice themselves.
With such two cubes, it would be possible to solve/build some of the figures shown in the - 'Multi Specials DS001025' group (Color Banding)

- submitted by Lluis Rubio Suárez Pazos and Thorleif Bundgård
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