SOMA Crystal
SOMA in the schools. 1 Sep 1999

Is SOMA only a pastime puzzle, well - Not if I shall judge from the amount of Emails I receive from school and university teachers.

In my opinion the SOMA puzzle is an excellent tool in education.
+ It will help to show spatial geometry, without resorting to complex shapes.
+ It will allow the children to play.! A vital experience in grasping the differences of 2D and 3D.
+ It can be used in arts classes too, to teach methods of drawing 3 dimensional shapes, as well as their 2D projections.
+ In higher classes it can be used to teach geometric drawings, with its requirements for isometric or perspectivistic methods, as well as teaching the rules for 'Machine' drawings using US. or ISO. standards.

I think I will let some of the teachers in the world speak for themselves:
So here is a small set of the letters:

- submitted by Thorleif Bundgård <>

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