SOMA Crystal
SOMA bits and pieces

Sivy Farhi. is the author of the marvellous book.
SOMA Book "SOMA WORLD the complete soma cube"
The VERY small booklet with a LOT of pages used to cost $4.99 (But I dont know where to get it)
It contains over 2000 problem figures, with solutions.
Published 1982 by Canberra Publishing & Printing Co.
ISBN 0-949538-00-0

Sivy has also made a solution finder program.
It is extremely fast, finds all solutions, and you can get it here. N990121.ZIP.

The speed of this program is IMPRESSIVE;
I don't know how Sivy attained such a speed, but it works.
AND the program can produce a list of ALL possible piece combinations to any given figure.
Unfortunately you have to enter each figure manually, because there is NO file read section in the program.
BUT that is a small price to pay, to get ALL possible solutions, especially when you have made an unstable figure, and would like to see if that figure could be made stable.

Also you should note that Sivy have numbered the pieces different than Piet and all the rest of the Soma people in the world.
Sivy says that "It is because he made the program such a long time ago".
And I agree with him, that his letter method is actually easier to remember than our number system.

    Ours:         1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Sivy program: V L T Z A B P
The V,L,T,Z simply show the shape of the pieces.
The P look like a small (P)yramid.
The A and B are mirror shapes.

Thank you to Sivy for making his program shareware.

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