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SOMA News 7 october 2017

Black and White 'Anti slide' SOMA.

Theo Geerinck (Spotted SOMA) wrote to me 2017.08.08 telling me that he had just returned from the International Puzzle Party #37 in Paris.
In the design competition he saw various SOMA variations, and in particulat one named Black and White Antislide

The goals of this puzzle are to pack the White pieces (or the Black) in an antislide mode.

Antislide in this case means that - Once the White pieces are in place in the box, then no piece can slide.
So - the way is that you first place all the White pieces. Check that nothing can be moved, and thereafter place the Black pieces.
OR opposite, you place the Black first and then the White.

Then, back home, Theo made his own Black & White puzzle - a fine looking set of SOMA it is.

You may of course try this puzzle your self, but it is difficult.
There is ONLY ONE solution when starting with the White pieces, and only one starting with the Black pieces.

If you get stuck - and ONLY THEN, you may see this page again - With the solutions at the bottom.
Solved B&W Anti Slide SOMA
Ok - so you clicked the link.

The two solutions we are looking for will be looking like this.

The actual solution is described here.
The line (1.) show the placements of the 3 White pieces, followed by the 4 black pieces. Note that once the White pieces are in place, nothing can be moved inside the box.
The line (2.) show the placements of the 4 Black pieces, followed by the 3 White pieces. Again nothing can move once the Black pieces are placed.
I have used colors here to make it easier to see the positioning in the drawings.

Informed by theo geerinck <>
Written by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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