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SOMA News 19 july 2017

Short Secret messages.

Back in 2009 I read an inspiring question somewhere on the web.

The Secret
An alphabet of shapes and a vocabulary of configurations

Why are some forms more aesthetically pleasing than others?
Is it just the symmetry that appeals to the mind or are there other
elements of form that draw attention and engagement?
Is it an underlying mathematical pattern that the mind can intuit?
And if there is, why would the mind of a ground dwelling primate be interested?
Music composed without words can communicate feeling,
and the tone and pace of an unknown,
spoken language can still communicate mood and urgency.
Do the shapes of nature carry a message or am I just talking to myself?

Cut from web 20090729 - Header: "Mauritania Trading Company"

This inspired me to write about this way to send short secret stories.
Maybe just "I love you" to that very special one, or maybe the location of a secret meeting.
Well, you could ask - Is this also SOMA. Yes It certainly is.

Now imagine that you select a certain SOMA figure. You and the receiver both know the concept.
Then you create a letter figure, by first making the puzzle.
Then by crayon or marker you write the message, one letter on each cube (Which is about max 24 letters)
Then you take it apart and write random letters in the same way on all the rest of the faces.
Remember to turn some 90°, 180° or 270°
You scramble the pieces, and by some unknown means you signal what figure you chose.
Maybe write your birthyear minus the figure number somewhere.

Maybe as a number of small dots on the pieces.
Piece 2 has 3 dots somewhere, piece 4 has 7 dots, piece 6 has 4 dots - so figure nr is 374

The only way to read the text is to know the number method, To find the figure shape,
to assemble it (and turn the pieces at the right rotation).

Well, it's just a funny idea:

But for kid's or adults with a playfull mind (Like you, You are reading this letter.? Yes?), it could be fun.
You could even send it to your puzzle friende with an invitation, and then see who turned up
Ah, maybe not - the risk is that they couldn't solve it.
Or in reality that all would comee because they have read this newsletter ;-)

By the way, "Mauritania Trading Company" even made a video, Check it out here.

Ps: The Secret starts at 1:00
To see this movie, press the ▶ in the left side under this picture.

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An alphabet of forms and a vocabulary of configurations.
Mauritania Trading Company 2011-01-06

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Now try it yourself.

Ps. to "Mauritania Trading Company" - If you see this, please write me a letter of what you think, and if you will permit me to continue posting this.

Written by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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