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SOMA News 22 Jan 2017

KUBISME, a bird of a different feather

Was there a competitor.

For a long time we have all believed that SOMA appeared, and stayed alone on the market for some time.
Now 2017-02-20 it appear as if there was another producer.

Here at the end of february 2017 I received a mail from Henrik Lykkeberg who presented me to a "similar" Danish produced cube called "Kubisme"
He ventured a guess of 1930 - 1940 based on the appearence of the box.
The puzzle carried a design protection "Mønsterbeskyttet nr. 23326."


I did not know about this product - When was it made, Who made it, at what price ? I'd say - that was something quite new :-)
There is no doubt that it is a "SOMA" type cube. (The 7 pieces are identical)
However, that they have indicated a pattern protection number (Today called "Designbeskyttelse" designprotection) does not mean that they have a Patent, only that they have protected the expression of the puzzle.
The problem of course is the timeframe mentioned by Henrik as it collides with the patent years of Mr. Piet Hein.
Now - of course we do not know if the "Kubisme" people knew the existance of the SOMA patent. And that we consequently might be talking about "parallel" development.
(This has happened many times before, as for example the invention of the telephone where "Elisha Gray" applied for patent at the same time as "Alexander Graham Bell" who is normally credited for the invention.)

It is not quite likely, but time may show more details.

We have not yet been able to retrieve the document "Mønsterbeskyttet nr. 23326."

Interesting is also the figures on their accompaining paper sheet. They are "slightly" different from the SOMA figures, with just a few overlapping.
So that we may be intended to think that they never knew SOMA.
But then again ... There are striking similarities in several figures that might indicate that they did copy the SOMA and then with just minor changes to the figures, have created their own figures.
Possibly trying to appear outside the risk og being accused of plagianism. But whether we will ever know - that is the question.

Here is a list of the corresponding SOMA figure numbers and the KUBISME figure names:
008: Taarnet 102/P002: Kasernen     005: Prismet 001: Kubikken
~011: Fæstningen 009: Stolen 025: Pyramiden     ---: Læskuret
071: Skyskraberen 010: Badekarret 026: Trappen ---: Afguden
032: Skærmbrædtet     002: Flyvemaskinen ---: Sfinxen
021: Mindestenen D001: Krystallen
Sammensat af 2 Sæt
D021: Stjernen
af 2 Sæt
---: Isbaaden ---: Lokkeanden ---: Kranvognen    
Mønsterbeskyttet Nr. 23326
008: Tower 102/P002: Barracks     005: Prism 001: Cubic
~011: Fort 009: Chair 025: Pyramid     ---: Shelter
071: Skyscraper 010: Bathtub 026: Stairs ---: Demigod
032: Shielding board     002: Aeroplane ---: Sfinx
021: Memorialstone D001: Crystal
Build from 2 Set's
D021: Star
from 2 Set's
---: Iceboat ---: Decoy duck ---: Crane    
Patternprotection Nr. 23326

Submitted by Henrik Lykkeberg <>
Edited by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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