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SOMA News 28 Dec 2016

A SOMA starters figure cards (and SOMA webshop)

These days of Christmas 2016 I received a mail from a SOMA puzzler.
Pointing me to a really nice collection of Puzzle instruction cards for SOMA beginners, or for classes of young pupils.

Try out the cards for yourself. I think you will agree that they are really usefull.

My way to it was to enter: This is a shop that also sell in batches for groups or schools
So - searching for "SOMA" I got to this product purchase page:
There is even a fine pricing of approximately 8 EUR for 1 cube, 7 EUR/cube for 5, and 6 EUR/cube for 10. (I wonder what 24 or 30 would cost ?)

I followed the link for more details, and then the link to the Puzzle cards.
    "Arbeitskarte - Arbeitskartei zum Somawürfel" = "Workcards - Workcards for Somadice"
The link to the cards is:

I have a mirror link to the .PDF card file to be found here: soma soma

SO.... If you are teaching, or a guide in a childrens club, a Scout leader or a "Den mother", or..???
Then do check this web shop for SOMA.

I have no connection or economic interest in this German webshop, but being a teacher I found it interesting.
The Web-shop is in German, but they have a lot of great stuff for childrens learning, which may be used across language barriers.
Most of it is developed for the Montessori-pedagogue technique and therapeutics for kids aged 4 to 8 years.
But take a look for yourself.

Submitted by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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