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SOMA News 6 august 2016

A whole graphical SOMA presentation (incl all 240 cube solutions).

Working with SOMA has brought Jan de Groot a long way through all the 240 SOMA cube solutions, as well as their mirror solutions.
In this process Jan has also made an extremely impressive website.
Showing a lot of graphical images of SOMA figures from both front and back side.

Actually, this is the first time I have ever seen all the solutions in colours - Thank's to Jan.

Soma Cube Conundrum

Jan is giving ALL the 240 SOMA cube solutions, as well as their mirror image solutions. And all shown graphically in colour.

My BEST suggestion is that you pay a visit to Jan's website "Soma Cube Conundrum" at this address:

The web site gives you:
1. The SOMA cube solutions as schematic layer, or 3D front and back, colour drawings.
    Note: In the Layer presentations, Jan has the bottom layer to the left in his drawings, and the top layer to the right,
            This is opposite to the notation used on the Thorleif web.

2. A series of pretty figure drawings for you to solve.
3. In addition, there are the 60 figures from "Block By Block", shown both from the front and the back side.
4. A series of Jan's own figures both without colors and with colored solutions.
5. Figures for "SOMA cubes Iphone"
6. And - A number of figures from the "Thorleif's SOMA pages" shown both from the front and the back side.

Obs: Today 2016-08-06. The webpages are still a work i progress. But a LOT of super stuff can be seen.

As Jan wrote to me:
"It has been a lot of work. First I had to create the layers table of 240 solutions.
Next thing was to create the mirror solutions. Also I put a system in it.
Piece 3-T is always on the same spot of course.
Starting with the second piece 2-L, with the same positions together.
This makes the searching much more easy.
Finallly i could start to create the images, which was the most painfull boring job.
I hope you like it."

Jan de Groot's 240 (+mirror) solutions can be found as a PDF download on his web. But it is also available at this mirror site.

All SOMA cube solutions shown as 3D colour drawings, front&back, 49 Pages in 12MB. N160806CubeSolutions.pdf

Soma solutions Table

All SOMA cube solutions shown as schematic layer, colour drawings, front&back, 36 Pages in 0,75MB. N160806LayerSolutions.pdf

Soma solutions 3D

Based on mails from Jan de Groot. <>
Written by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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