Experimental Soma cube puzzle game


The objective of the game is to move the pieces on the first board so they match the configuration of the pieces on the second board.
Corner The L Corner Corner
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  • The N and P key will move to the next and previous puzzles
  • The camera will move with q,w,e,a,s,d. You will figure out what they do quickly
  • The mouse will move the pieces
  • To select a piece click on it and release. Three control arms will appear.
  • The white knobs control translations and move the object in the plane formed by the lines coming off the knobs
  • The black knobs control rotation around each axis
  • To move a piece, click down and drag on the white control knob. Then release the mouse button
  • To rotate a piece, click and drag left or right on the black control knob.
  • If a piece or pieces turn red, then they are in an illegal formation. That is they are below the surface or overlap.
  • Click the image of the piece in the table to take it off/put it on the board.
  • Note that the solved puzzle does not need to be in the same place as the original, but it must be in the same orientation.
  • Press the "c" key to use the alternate color scheme.

The Soma cube is an amazing puzzle. Which thanks to Thorleif's SOMA page I have found hundreds of variations of puzzles to solve. I made this page partly to learn how to do things in javascript and partly as a method to generate pretty images of puzzles and solutions because I enjoy making these puzzles and giving them as gifts.