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SOMA News 2 july 2016

Lots of SOMA figures in a 183 page book.

By 10. september 2010 I received a mail from Mr.Hiromu ISHII from Japan.

Subject: SOMA: request for SOMA figures from JAPAN

Hello, Mr. Bundgaard!

My name is Hiromu ISHII. I'm a 36-year old Japanese man.
A few days ago I found your "Thorleif's SOMA page" and was very impressed.

Mainly because of books written by Dr. Nikitin(Russian), the SOMA cube is known to Japanese people to some extent since 1980's. (However not as "SOMA cube" but as "Building Blocks for Everyone(BBE)". In addition, coloring is different. Concretely, in BBE, V:Green, L:Blue, T:Yellow, Z:Black, A:White, B:Brown, P:Red).

Recently I made a few sets of BBEs and about 100 problems for my niece and children of my friends. I send you those problems as a Word document. They include a lot of problems which doesn't need all seven blocks. If there are good problems, please introduce them on your page.

By the way(to tell the truth, this is the main purpose of this mail). I was extremely impressed with enormous SOMA problems on your page. Since I want to introduce them to children around me, would you give me all SOMA figures(A0001- ) in larger size? (Unfortunately, SOLVE121 doesn't work on my computer...)

H. Ishii

Here is the building instructions book.

First page ISBN is 9784766000054 / 4766000056
Nikitin Iku Satoshi's Play [Japanese Edition]
by Paburovichi Boris Nikitin
Publisher:Pocketbook's livelihood, 1986
Pricerange: 30$-50$

Download link. (Obs, this link will terminate immediately if so requested by Mr.Hiromu ISHII)
N160702 - BBE-Instuctions(fig&solve).pdf
Page 3- Initial pieces to be identified
Page 6- Figures to solve
Page 92- Which blocks are NOT used
Page 97- Colored Initial pieces (Note color sequence: V=Green, L=Blue, T=Yellow, Z=Black, P=Red, A=White, B=Brown)
Page 100- Colored solutions

And below is my answer mail two days later. (Assuming 'Hiromu' to be the family name)


Thank you so much for your email, and for the very pretty word document.
I will go through your figures, and probably post some on the web - or maybe post your word document (If you permit me to do so)?

Regarding the figures on my web, I would be so happy if I were able to give you the figures in larger size. Unfortunately this is not possible.
When I started the project of making this SOMA web site, some years back. The cost of web server space was high. Therefore I decided to produce them all as low resolution .gif files.
This means that the pictures you see on the web is - the only resolution that I have.

However - you are free to pick and use any or all of the figures.

For some nice software to show high resolution 3D figures, I could suggest the solver from Ross Channing

Thorleif Bundgaard

Ps: Check out the Newsletter N160707.HTM where the topic of small puzzles are also discussed

Written by Mr.Hiromu Ishii from Japan. <>
Adjusted by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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