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SOMA News 1 july 2016

How to glue your own cardboard SOMA.

Now 2016-07 i am sitting in my caravan, on holiday in Austria. The thunder of the mountains, heavy rain after a VERY hot summer day, and the change in climate after the rain. I guess you get the picture.
So I went through some of the mails I never had time to put on the web, and decided to do it now.
Sorry for the delays.

The first is a really interesting solution to the Do-It-Yourself way of playing SOMA.
As Gaëtan Paradis wrote to me on 11. maj 2010
Topic: Soma design, no origami


I just made a cardstock soma cube, before making one in wood, and I want to give my design to everybody who want to make a soma cube.

Thank you for your site I learn a lot on the soma Cube.
Merci !

Gaëtan Paradis
Laval, Québec, Canada

Here are the actual instructions.
N160701 Cube Soma Cardboard.pdf

Folding SOMA

Submitted by Gaëtan Paradis of Laval, Québec, Canada. <>
Adjusted by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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