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SOMA News 13 june 2016

SOMA in beautyful metal.

On june 13 2016 Jan de Groot wrote to me about his solid metal puzzles
Many types of puzzles have been made over time, and this one seemed interesting.

Date: 2016-06-13
Jan de Groot write, and tell me that he build and design Conundrum Cubes for a hobby. Having acquired one of GarE Maxton's Conundrum Cubes. He decided to build all of his models with Fightcube of the Taken Art Company.
Buying was no option, because all of GarE Maxtonís work was sold out.

After rebuilding his designs, Jan wanted more, and he designed Triple Twins, Four Generations and Double Vault.
Note per: 2016-08-06 url link has changed.

Finally Jan wanted his designs made out of solid metal, just like my bronze Mini Conundrum from GarE Maxton.
Not an easy task, but eventually Jan found a company, who wanted to help. The very high cost ment starting with something small - like SOMA.

Now take a closer look at this fine SOMA puzzle:

Here are some pages as inspiration, found in a Russian book of puzzles.
The SOMA cube
The metal SOMA cube.

4 units of SOMA+Plus cube
4 units of SOMA+Plus cube.

Do note however that on the SOMA+plus image, there is a singlar cube in each set.
This is NOT the standard for the SOMA+plus.
The "Single cube" is not a part of the set for two reasons.
1. The single cube is just a cube, so it is not "made of cubes" technically speaking.
2. If we included the single cube, we would get 12 pieces, having a total of 41 cubes.
   And that will NOT assemble into any pretty shape.
   Whereas 40 cubes WILL make nice figures.

Check this page about SOMA+plus.

For YOU... The reader of this Newsletter, it is worth noting that this Brass set was very expensive and cost many hours of polishing.

Based on mails from Jan de Groot. <>
Written by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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