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SOMA News 12 december 2013

Stevica Kronić show us his puzzles

Many players around the world are using beautifull SOMA pieces.
It is always difficult to pick one.
However Stevica started by showing us how to make the figure "E01S" so that it will stand right,
and when I discovered his set - well, see for your self.
See "S001" here MC001.HTM

Stevica will be showing us an Arena of puzzles.

Stevica told me the story that lead us to these pretty pictures.

Stevica (aged 43) was born in Sombor in Serbia. He is deaf and has a slight handicap.
He was originally educated as a bookbinder in 1987, and later this was supplemented with education in computer servicing.
He, his wife and his son Timi (3 years) live in Maribor, Slovenia.
Since 1989 Stevica worked by servicing and operating computers, but unfortunately the firm went bankrupt in 1999. Finding work is hard, but an insurence has secured the family.

His original interest in SOMA started when someone in a Slovenia market was selling wood for making toys.
Some months later he bought the first SOMA cube and instructions for the small gallery figurine
(the fountain, wall 1, wall 2, Chair, sofa, bed, Swan, snake, Scorpion, robot, bathtub, Jet, gallows, tombstone epitaph 1 and 2).
This was too few figures, so he was scanning the Internet for more about SOMA Cubes.

Stevica can be reached on his Facebook profile, by searching.

Written by Thorleif Bundgaard <>
Based on material from Stevica Kronić <>

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