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SOMA News 31 July 2013

SOMA Swinging Shapes

So, we all consider SOMA to be rigid cubes, assembled into 3D pieces.
But imagine - what if the cubes were only connected at an edge.?
This is exactly what Charles Santee has done in a couple of YouTube videos.

Charles writes:
Here is my NEW ??? version of this very old puzzle.

While you can use the same (original puzzle) 7 shapes with 7 different colors. My version also allows for the following:

1. Changing colors of the original shapes without creating or painting new pieces.
2. Creating new shapes from the original shapes increasing the number of solutions astronomically; all without altering the basic construction of the segments (or parts). You use 7 and only 7 parts but all parts are shape shifting.
3. All parts are folded and assembled without using glue.
4. All parts are folded from rectangular sheets of paper without cuts.

Charles “Doc” Santee / “Firstfold”

Here's a few clip from the first video

There's a lot more about Origami and folding in Charles's YouTube's, but the following 3 are the most interesting for SOMA players.

swinging soma:

CUBE - prism pleated for action:

Secrets revealed:

Written by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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