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SOMA News 25 Dec 2012

Matt Cyr's figures

It has been slow with new figures. Quite understandable considering the large number of documented figures on these web pages. So once you have made something funny - it will take long to check if it's new.

However, at the end of october 2012, Matt Cyr wrote to me, proposing a set of figures.
This really sounded interesting, so I grabbed the opportunity to see what he was talking about.

A small sample of 5 is shown below - and if. ?. You give up, then check the initial figurepage here Matt's figure sets This initial page will probably expand as Matt gets time to add figures.

Here's the initial story of these coming figures.

19 oktober 2012 Matt Matt Cyr is an English teacher in Florida, USA. He became interested in SOMA cubes in the 2011. Matt writes that he have about 100 new formations that we might add to this website (animals, human figures, household objects...)

21 Oct 2012 Thorleif Thank you for your mail. It sounds very interesting that you have made more SOMA figures.
When you are ready with the texts and possibly photos, then I might add a page with your “Matt Cyr collection”

30 oktober 2012 Matt
I was so happy to hear from you. I'm still in the process of taking photos of the various SOMA figures. That's pretty cool that there may be a "Matt Cyr collection" part of the website.

31 Oct 2012 Thorleif
Great Matt. But don’t feel any pressure, take the time needed.

31 Oct 2012 Matt
Great. No pressure for me or you to hurry. Sounds good. I'll probably be ready to send you everything pretty soon, though.

30 november 2012 Matt
Well, it's taking me more time than I thought it would to take all the photos and type everything out.
It ends up being about 100 formations that I have. I'm just going to go ahead and send you a sample of five of them. Anyway, we'll be in touch,






2 Dec 2012 Thorleif
Your notation is fine.
On the picture side – these are very fine, easy to view and not being too big. I can unzip attachments if you want to zip several images into one file before mailing, but a zip should not be larger than app. 4MB ensuring that it don’t overflow my mail system.

4 december 2012 Matt
Thanks for the feedback. The set of SOMA cubes in the pictures was a gift from my parents. My dad made them. I'd like to be able to direct him to the website and say "Look, we're famous." :)

4 december 2012 Thorleif
The thing I will do is that I will cut your solution texts from the mail, move it to an ASCII text editor to strip any 'Word' codes. In addition I will add the small graphic drawings that I use on my Figure pages. This way the graphical figures are small, and load fast.

Now (26 december 2012)
Follow the story as I expect Matt to expand his figure pages - check the link below.
Matt's figure sets

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Edited by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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