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SOMA News 27 Aug 2012

A new Interlocking SOMA

Today 2012-08-27 I received a mail from Steve Winter. Interesting again is that our old SOMA puzzle seem to reappear in endless new shapes.
This time the SOMA puzzle is a double puzzle, featuring 7 large and 7 smaller pieces.

I don't think I will venture into a description, but rather let you read the text as Steve Winter described its functions to me.
Thank you to Steve for sharing this fine puzzle.
By the way, take some time to study Steve's other pages, they contain some great examples of 3D printing.

"SOMA's Revenge" new twist on the SOMA puzzle

The Dog.

One of many Easy Cube solutions.

“SOMA’s Revenge” is an interlocking assembly cube puzzle with sliding pieces.
The new and unique challenge for this puzzle is to assemble the pieces into interlocking cube configurations.
It also includes the hundreds of other challenges from the classic SOMA puzzle, which involve assembling the pieces into various figures.

SOMA's Revenge is based on the same seven shapes as the classic SOMA puzzle.
SOMA's Revenge consists of a set of seven outer pieces, and seven inner pieces.
Each set of seven pieces are modeled after the seven pieces of the classic SOMA puzzle.
Where the SOMA pieces are made of small cubes with solid faces connected together, the SOMA's Revenge pieces are made up of only the edges of cubes.
Round rods are used in SOMA's Revenge to create what looks like wire frame outlines of the individual cubes used in the classic SOMA pieces.
The inner pieces are slightly smaller then the outer pieces.
This allows the inner pieces to slide snuggly into the outer pieces in several different ways.
The cube challenges for this puzzle are to assemble all 14 pieces into a 3 x 3 x 3 cube.
The hollow wire frame shape of the outer parts makes it possible to assemble both sets of SOMA pieces into a single cube.
This results in a slightly smaller 3 x 3 x 3 cube inside of an outer one.

Cube 1 - Exploded View.

Cube 1 with 3 Interlocked Inner parts.

I have purposefully not analyzed the number of possible solutions for the interlocking cube challenges.
And also purposefully not looked for any solutions.
I designed it around one solution, so at least one interlocking cube solution exists.
I am leaving this as a challenge to the puzzle community to discover.
To that end I also have a prize contest for the first people to come up with a solution.
More details on that are on my Shapeways shops site.
Ethereal Maze Puzzles – my puzzle shop

Check out a YouTube video of the puzzle at:

I have just made this puzzle publicly available, and sell it through my Shapeways shop above.
The prices start at $15.99.

Written by Steve Winter <>
Edited by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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