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SOMA News 5 Aug 2012

SOMA is observed in Aarhus, Denmark

Today 2012-08-05, while on her way to work, my daughter Katrine observed this version of SOMA pieces on "Storetorv" (Big square) in Aarhus. The second largest city of Denmark.

SOMA at Storetorv.

Investigations into the matter, might indicates that they are related to the "Aarhus festuge" (Aarhus festival week) scheduled for the period 31/8 - 9/9 2012.
In any case the pieces seem used, and do not make a complete set of SOMA pieces. But that is all we know, who and why is unknown, so: ...

If you know more about this event, then please inform me

Observed by Katrine Bundgaard <>
Edited by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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