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SOMA News 06 Nov 2011 & 12 july 2017

DBOX a fun way to SOMA

Some times I get the feeling that "Now I have seen all versions" of the SOMA puzzle, and then some new version pops up.
Not this time though. This time something completely different appeared in my home.

The is a completely new way of thinking 'cube puzzles'
Well maybe not completely different, the concept of building with cubes that attach to each other by some tab has been seen before. But in the DBOX this has been taken to a completely new level.
The small cubelets measure 2,54 centimeter (1 inch) on the sides. The sides are parallel (Which ensures stability) All this makes for an extremely nice feeling of quality. This is not just a simple puzzle it is also nice to touch.

The DBOX unopenedWhat's inside

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Info: it seem as if Dbox was/is produced by
Info: A blog describe it here

DBOX is available in the biggest store on the planet "Amazon" at the retail price of $24.99
Currently Amazon does not ship toys outside the USA, but hopefully that will change, or maybe an outside-US dealer will be found for this great toy.

Maybe the way these cubes connect is the really genius. Most of the pieces have a T shaped protrusion. This fits nicely into the holes of the pieces and with a 90 degree twist they lock into place. - But. They can only be locked by a clockwise turn. A feature that helps even further to the stability, and also ensures that the sides of each cube align perfectly with its neighbors.

So what do you get, when you purchase your DBOX puzzle. Take a look at the foto above.

1. A very nice box. Made so that once you have taken the cubelets out of the box, you can remove the inner cardboard and then your finished pieces can still fit inside. :o)
2. A pretty and glossy 30 page booklet. describing both the pieces and some games to play.
3. The 32 pieces. 16 blue and 16 yellow
   8 of these are cubes with a 'T' connector, so they allow you to make 8 puzzle pieces.

The DBOX piecesThe first thing I did was to make 7 SOMA pieces, and then make some funny figure

But this is not SOMA you will rightfully say. Why then am I so enthusiastic.?

Well you are so right, this is not a SOMA puzzle. or... is it.??
Hmm. - It IS SOMA, and... Actually it is a lot of puzzles, You just make the pieces yourself. So making the 7 SOMA pieces is done quickly, and 'there you go' SOMA is ready. But at the same time, you have all these other cube games you can do.
In my case - I'm often vacating in my caravan - this mean that we can play puzzle games, and I can also build SOMA, all with the same box of cubelets.
So - This is why I like this puzzle so much.

Breaking news: a link for DBOX videos.
DBOX has placed a number of videos on YouTube, showing some of the fun games and puzzles you can have with a DBOX.
See for example this one - and there are many more.

Many thank's to DBOX for informing about this puzzle, and for sharing such a great puzzle.

Update with extra pictures

By the way, back in november 2011 i actually received some extra pictures from DBOX.
Maybe you will enjoy these, and then consider purchasing a DBOX.

The DBOX content.Making a Sotted SOMA set from DBOX
The basic cubesMaking a colored 3x3x3 (Not SOMA)
Making bansd on a 3x3x3 figureA DBOX Dog - that you can move.
Playing the DBOX Clusters game - Great fun.

My friendly DBOX contact is Odet Light <> (Valid dec. 2011)
Submitted by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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