SOMA Crystal
SOMA News 6 Jan 2010

A web viewer for SOMA.

Jose Vasconcellos has made a 3D viewer for our SOMA puzzle.
This viewer vill allow you to examine. and view the details of the 675 first SOMA figures.
This will probably be a great help when you plan to solve one of these, because is allows you a view from any angle.
The javascript viewer for SOMA puzzles. however do require a browser that supports webgl (firefox-4, dev chrome)

The SOMA web-viewer The viewer uses the O3D engine ( to display puzzles.
I took all 'A' puzzles and created a JSON object containing all 675 puzzles (file A001675.html). The puzzles themselves (A001675.js) were converted to JSON using a python script. The viewer reads this file and displays the puzzles. There are buttons to go to the next/previous puzzle and to show the solution.

Using the mouse you can rotate the puzzle and the scroll button can be used to enlarge the image.

The image here show the SOMA002 with the solution displayed.

Unfortunately, right now there aren't too many browsers that are webgl enabled. Here's a list:
Jose have tested with both chrome and firefox with success.

Note: Thank you to Jose for sharing this viewer with the rest of the SOMA world.

Submitted by Jose Vasconcellos <>
Edited by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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