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SOMA News 4 April 2010

The SOMA Timeline.

I Have often been asked about the SOMA timeline, So here it is..

Note: A new version of the timeline has been made at Newsletter 2016.07.15 The SOMA Timeline, by Thorleif Bundgaard.

Piet Hein "Piet Hein"
N030310 Dec. 2 1933
The idea emerges and is patented
N030305 Nov 29, 1934
Original SOMA puzzles, based on the initial idea is released. Among these the manufacturer Erik Willumsen release his wooden version
N081225 around 1967
Piet Hein starts a cooperation with Theodor Skj°de, and markets a very pretty Rosewood somacube on a wooden base
N060101 - This is the version to which all the following are compared. This is generally also the one most people consider the "original" SOMA.
N991026 Skj°de starts to market a version of the Rosewood cube, on an aluminium base
N991026 Summer of 1969
Marketing rights for the USA market, is given to Parker Brothers Inc. and they start producing a red and a blue version in solid plastic.
N991026 Hereafter several years pass, and various "skunk works" emerges. Without production permission from the P.Hein. organization.
N020621 It is among these we find a large number of fine wood versions, in cardboard boxes or in wooden boxes.
N031026 1985
We start to see software solvers.
N990916 In addition to these we also see SOMA versions made in, paper origami, rubber foam, glued dice, cardboard boxes, etc.
N060808 Finally we see giant versions made in large cardboard or from wood plates the size of about 1meter=3feet
N061102 The Piet Hein Corp. release a SOMA for kindergardens, measuring 1 meter on its sides
N001128 And we start to see software game versions, first for the PC-DOS, then for Windows, then linux, and finally for mobile phones.

Submitted by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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