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SOMA News 2 June 2009

The iPhone game "Cubismo".

Once in a while something completely new appears.
But to see it on the old, trustworthy game of SOMA was unexpected.
Only one word covers it - "wow"

Rod Bowkett <> have done just such a reinvention.
By making the Cubismo program, he has managed to move the feeling of a real SOMA game onto the small portable platform of an iPhone.
Yes iPhone. Unfortunately it don't run on other phones - like my Nokia/Symbion.

But never the less - if you own an iPhone, this is the program you should'nt miss.

Oh, by the way this is where you get it. The iPhone "app store". Cubismo 1.0
But... you need iTunes installed on your computer. Your browser then launches it with the URL.
The prise is only 0,99$ (Yes it's true - apparently thats a normal iPhone price)

Screen Picking one Screen 1 of 50 puzzles

See the YouTube video. It shows the beta version in action, but gives a pretty good view of the basic mechanism
Cubismo prerelease

Screen My X Screen The Sofa

So - how is it operated.?
This description may seem complex, but it should be intuitive when you do it.

In order to rotate a piece, you first select it.
Then touch on the background and drag in the direction you wish to rotate.
Keep your finger down to get a rotating arrow appears.
This represents the direction the piece will rotate when you lift your finger.
You can change this direction with a circular gesture.
If you imagine a hexagon around your initial point of contact then the 6 points on itís circumference represent the 6 available rotation directions.
This sounds complicated but once youíve got it it becomes completely instinctive and youíll find youíre doing it so quickly youíll barely even notice the arrow.
BTW if the arrow is on screen and you decide you donít want to rotate after all just add a second finger to the touch and it will disappear.

Note that the pieces gets bigger the closer they are.

For a little more information, check Rod's homepage

The future of Cubismo
1). There are 50 initial puzzles, but expansion packs with more puzzles are planned.
2). A function to allow the user to enter figures, and then solve is planned.
3). A function to review the tutorial will be in the next update.

By the way. How about an option, to enable it to fetch figure packs from the web (ie. from these SOMA pages)?

Submitted by rod bowkett <>
Edited by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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