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SOMA News 15 December 2008

Who was Skjøde. More to the history.

I have previously speculated on the question who was Skjøde. 2006.10.22 Even to the extent of reprinting an article.

The question however resisted my attacs.

Problems worthy
    of attack
prove their worth
    by hitting back.
until just recently, where the whole history took a completely unexpected turn.
So here it is -
In november a family relative of Theodor Skjøde Knudsen saw my website and asked about my interest in the family. A few more letters changed PC's but it quickly appeared that I was too late. Skjøde had passed away the previous winter.
This is where my mother enter the scene. As she met my contact Mrs. L. Skjøde at a museum. They talked about history, and discovered a link. So here it is.

Slægt Family trees

It appears that my grandfather was a good friend of Mrs. Lisbet Skjøde's grandfather (on the mother side) Mr. Marius Nielsen.
I have now learnt that Marius Nielsen was manager at the machinefactory "Herborg", a compagny that his father had started in the village of Herborg.

Mr. Theodor Skjøde Knudsen himself originates from Kolding. And he attended the college (Gymnasium in danish) in Tarm. The school at that time had a boarding section. Here he met the daughter Grethe of Marius Nielsen, and they later were married and settled in the city Skjern.

Hopefully, more details will follow when they become available.

Among some of the material I received from Mrs. Skjøde, are the following fotos.
Soma Skjøde on SOMA

A foto of a young Mr. Skjøde on presumably the largest solid SOMA cube in the world. The cube stood in the garden in Skjern and is long gone by now. However the Skjøde family still own a similar version having a sidelength of 52 cm. Made in solid mahogany, thus being rather heavy.

Soma The Skjøde box

Soma The Skjøde box Soma The Skjøde box

Above you see some foto's of the original Skjøde SOMA box.

Submitted by Lisbet Skjøde & Per Jørgensen
Edited by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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