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SOMA News 29 July 2007

A SOMA folder.

Some years ago I heard from a SOMA player in Utah (USA)
Lynn Willis, from Salt Lake City wrote and told that her father gave her the first SOMA puzzle about 30 years ago, she wrote: "and I was hooked from the beginning. I believe my mom has since tossed it out." Some years ago Lynn regained an interest in SOMA, and purchased a new puzzle.

The cube
With folder
The folder

Recently Lynn were able to make a scan, so here we present another SOMA with its short accompanying leaflet.
The reverse side of the leaflet is blank. It is printed on heavy paper, which is folded in half lengthwise, then folded over three times.
The folder
The folder

The folder came from a compagny called (No longer existing)
However the puzzle is still available from (Email:
The price for a "Soma - Classic Wooden Puzzle" is $15.95 and as they write: "This SOMA contains 7 dark and light hardwood pieces with an illustrated insert which shows forms that can be made such as towers, arches, dogs and dragons."

Thank you to Lynn for remembering me(and this web site) and for doing the scans.

Submitted by Lynn Willis
Edited by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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