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SOMA News 2 Nov 2006

Piet Hein A/S Release "BIG" SOMA

MONDAY, November 2, 2006
The Piet Hein A/S compagny has just now, released its newest SOMA puzzle. The new product consist of a traditional SOMA cube, with each piece colored in its own color.

The BIG SOMA "bed" in my living room

Black, Blue, Yellow, Gray, Green, Red, Orange.

AND, A giant soft foam cube. The foam pieces are all covered with nice colored and water repelling covers. Which by the way include zippers so that they may be removed for careful washing, when the kids have messed it up.
The soft pieces by the way, are not too soft, when I build "the bed" it vill comfortably sustain me, feeling soft/hard just like any other foldable weekend bed. Its too short for me though, giving a "bed" size of 1 meter x 1.66 meter. The foto shows it lying in my livingroom. (With the small SOMA in the middle)

Now for the intended customers.
Obviously this is a super game and puzzle for institutions. - Kindergardens, preschools, schools and Yes even at college. I have introduced my SOMA's several times at the mathematics classes I teach in the HTX Technical college, each time giving joy to my students at ages of 15 to 20 years.
My advice is always:
"Don't ever grow up to be real adult, keep the child within you active, and you have found the well of youth."

The SOMA poster
The SOMA poster

The smaller SOMA is made in a very nice quality, each piece colored like its BIG counterpart, so in this way, it is easy for the younger kids to identify the different pieces, and whereas we may normally identify the pieces by their shape-code or number. T = 3. It is much more natural for kids to refer to the "Yellow" piece.

The Handy puzzle
The Handy puzzle"
The Handy puzzle pieces
The Handy puzzle pieces
The Factory description
The Factory description Click for a large.

Obs: The following text is no longer valid - And I do not know about any current supplier of the BIG foam SOMA - Please write to me if you find any supplier.

This magnificent version of SOMA can be bought at
DICA A/S supply furniture and playground equipment, pedagogical games and toy for indoor as well as outdoor play. etc.....
The products can be found by searching for "SOMA" but here they are:
SOMA cube, mini in wood
SOMA cube in foam (complete)
SOMA extra cover (one piece)
SOMA extra foam piece (one piece)
Order nr. 211114
Order nr. 211111
Order nr. 211115
Order nr. 211116
Price    235 DKK
Price 9.450 DKK
Price 1.080 DKK
Price 1.175 DKK

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