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SOMA News 8 Aug 2006

Minnesota State Fair

New Info from 2008: In the magazine "2008 Nature Publishing Group" volume 4 number 8 August 2008 - page 461 this soma is shown as inspiration on the topic "Cooperativity in macromolecular assembly" by James R Williamson
The article itself is interesting (about things that selfassemble) but for us SOMA-fans it is great to see the soSOMA image in use.

Complete article:
For some annoying reason they charge you for this article. And I would not recommend the article unless you are really interested in "Formation of multicomponent macromolecular complexes".

Leonardo's Basement mentioned:
This is a "free" link to the foto used in the article.

The fair
MONDAY, SEPT. 4 2006

Sponsored by Leonardo’s Basement and Ready 4 K
All kids’ (5-12) admission is just $4!
Don’t miss your “Last Chance” opportunity to pick up a 2006 State Fair souvenir. All-day discounts will be offered on Mighty Midway and Kidway rides, games and concessions. Many concessionaires feature fabulous fair deals. Find them in the “Last Chance” brochure available at any information booth.
In Carousel Park:
Leonardo’s basement will build the world’s largest SOMA cube puzzle in the park today and be recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records!
Kids can get in on the fun by building smaller versions of the puzzle and attempting to solve it. It’s math for your hands!

The story unfolds

Ed Vogel
Edward Vogel who oversees this project will be supplying information to all SOMA players as this event approaches.

Leonardo's Basement ( was challenged by the Minnesota State Fair Organizing Committee to "do something fun with Mathematics". So we decided to build a giant SOMA cube puzzle. It is in keeping with the agricultural theme of a state fair; biggest pig, biggest, pumpkin. . .why not biggest SOMA?

State Fair officials are recognized experts at certifying "bigness" and we have been approved by the Guinness Book of World records to "attempt" to become the world's largest SOMA puzzle.
The goal is to build using 27 - 1.3mx1.3mx1.3m cubes, the finished solved cube will stand nearly 4 m tall.

Several other SOMAs constructed of 0.3m cardboard cubes will be available for play as well as a smaller build your own SOMA to take home.

Did I mention the dancers? Oh yes the "big SOMA" will be assembled by a company of dancers. We haven't decided on a specific piece of music as of yet.

The worldwide SOMA community is cordially invited to come and visit us at the fair which is a pretty good time in Minnesota even without the SOMA. For those unable to attend I will be providing photos and video (or links) of the event at Thorleif's website.
The first fotos have arrived - WOW it is BIG

A prowd Ed
A prowd Ed
Overhead view
Overhead view

Ed has sendt more foto's, these prove once again that "math can be fun"
Lifting piece A
Lifting piece A
The dance
The dance

Arial view
Arial view of "the dog"
Dog Closeup
Dog Closeup

A lot of fine fotos, AND a clip from a TV news, show you the newest about the State fair and SOMA.

Slideshow. from the manufacture and use of the worlds largest SOMA.

A video from KARE11TV in Minnesota It is 37MB so expect a wait.

Submitted (4.August.2006) by Ed Vogel
Edited by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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