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SOMA News 2 Jan 2004

A theory about our un-ending universe

Different sizes.
Different sizes of universes
The first thing you will now ask me, is, "What is the connection to SOMA", the answer is ... NOTHING, I just want to tell about this teory of mine, and rather than making a new web site, that no one read, or inventing some story about the 4 dimensional space divided in cubes.
I just put it here. Read it if you like, or skip it if you don't
- So here we go.

This is a theory about our un-ending universe. One may of course ask, why I venture into such a vast and farfetched subject, but the speculation about our universe, and what kind of shape it has, has followed me for several years. Then in June 2003, my good friend Courtney proposed a theory of his own. This proposal collided with a number of strange "official" theories. like "The holographic universe" and "The multiparallel universes".

It all triggered me into the thoughts:
Why make it so complicated.?

At the same time, all these modern theories focus on stability, and parallel actions, souped up with a lot of complex math.

Well - it all made me focus on the following:
Thorleif's universe theory

Bubbly drawn by Mikkel Bundgaard.
The uneven universe
I don't favor these repetitive space models, where our universe expand and contract cyclically.
Why should it.?
Most things that happen in our 3D universe is non cyclic.
Water moves material from one spot to the other, not reverse.

I believe that it all started in a small spot, although, what is small in a nonexisting universe. 1 meter is just as fine as 1 lightyear. Anyway, in this initial something everything was evenly spaced. but then as it is always the case. something is not entirely perfect. One small something comes infinitisimally closer to another one, and they start attracting each other, warping the baby space fluid, in an ever escalating cascade of reactions, the somethings rush together bending and warping space. Untill the somethings change state from positional energy to momentum, and from energy to matter, untill explosion.
Not necessarily in one spot though, but rather in several spots at several timeframes.
We then become what we are in one of these expanding blops.
A cocafony of water

But the sequence will never repeat, because never again will the spots come close, matter will not ceise to exist and a completely uniform entity will not create itself from the caotic matters of our universe.
No - it will rather (I believe) expand, then slow down, then contract, but before it becomes a point of nothing, all the groups of matter will combine faster in one area and slower in another, and the current universe will evolve into being a cocafony of expansion and contraction at same (or different) time (in a 4D space)

The uneven lake

Imagine if you like. A lake completely quiet. then something drops into it, creating rings - expanding (but why only at one spot - why not at more places) these rings then meet and add up or subtract. then they reach the edges of the small lake, reversing and starting to go back, but the lake is not a perfect circle, so they wont meet at their origin. Some will focus and meet at a high peak, but others will be out of focus, and not join. These ancient parts will then combine with new fresh waves, and after a short while, the lake will be covered by hills and valleys, (some being old some being new and fresh, or a combination), combining and reforming the gravitational map, this lake will never ever be completely flat again, and thus even though some part of our space will collapse in a new minor-bang, other parts will survive in their current form for one more period, participating in the next formation of spatial objects.

I hope you get my meaning out of it somewhere.

Another thing is: Why don't we see any 4 dimensional objects or their reflexions.?
Well if they was stable like rock, we would of course only see a stable 3D projected thing, but if 4D was like branches of a tree or leaves of a flower, then it should move in a 4D wind and we should see a reflexion that moves.
Is it possible that Big Bang sendt us to an area without 4D objects? No, why should it?
Is it that 4D objects are invisible - No, nothing else is.
Would it not be more realistic to believe that we have 3D+time because this is the most probable (or only one) of many unstable senarions 2D, 4D, 5D etc. But should'nt it then be stable, wouldn't that be more realistic? - and will everything eventually become one fully stable and quiet mesh of atoms. No, because a completely stable entity takes just a minute disturbance to become unstable, so the unstable scenario is much more believable. Whereas 4D don't seem to be a real option.

Was it too far out ??. In any case this is my theory, drop me a mail if you want to comment on it.

Note one more thing though.
I assume No God'ly action in the creation of the universe, I believe that our deity came into being together with the emergence of lifeforms, and represent a form of spiritual energy connecting all life. An energy with which we may communicate.(In what some call prayers)
I also believe that this shape that I tend to call God, is, what other cultures call by other names, some seek direct connection, some through priests, some through profets, and some through rebirth. But all this is just various ways of praising the same central deity.
As a wise man once said: It is like GOD is sitting in a room with many doors, some use the door to the left, some take the door at right, some use a small door, and some send a messenger. But all reach the devine, whichever door they use.
P.S. I'm NOT preaching any special belief. I respect the individual right of man, to choose his own belief. So just let me finalize by saying:

May Your God be with you.

Submitted by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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