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SOMA News 20 Sep 2003

LiveCube - Another puzzle ?

SOMA, to me is the best puzzle, but one should never be blind to other puzzles, and I see many puzzles over the years.
But then, just a week ago, I was fortunate enough to get a different new puzzle in my hands.

It was LiveCube
Now, why talk about another puzzle, on a SOMA web site.
Well the reason is quite simple.
I've tried a lot of puzzles, but LiveCube is different.
It is perfectly shaped, small cubes. Ingeniously assembled into 8 identical pieces.
These pieces can then be reassembled into a variety of shapes. One of which is a cube 4x4x4.

This cube stand out in beautifull black, with colored sides.
Each of the tiny colored cubes have a rubber like surface, so the assembled final figure is very stable.

One more thing - You can disassemble the 8 main pieces into 64 mini cubes,
and then 29 of these can be recombined into the 7 SOMA shaped pieces.
OR - if you like to expand, you can make the SOMAplus from 40 of the mini cubes.
OR - you can make something else.
The possibilities are endless

So, I would like to give this puzzle my high recommendations.

For further contact, try LiveCube Homepage

Edited by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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