SOMA Crystal
SOMA News 24 July 2003

The (Almost) Impossible Cube

From a puzzle player, Rob Hartmann, I heard about this funny view on cubes.
It goes like this:

From the two wooden pieces (SOMA Pieces 5 and 6 (A and B)) you have to assemble a cube - that sounds easy.
But you will find that the two parts don't like to be joined to a cube - something is wrong here.
How in the world can it be done ??

There's a trick of course, and my hint is - Not to get too fixed on the physical cubes forming a shape:

Now the solution to this trick is at the bottom of this page, so don't read it too quickly, but spend some time trying to figure it out first.

This special puzzle is sold by Karl Scherer: who also make a lot of other intriguing puzzles.

Edited by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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Here is the solution by Rob Hartmann <>