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SOMA News 15 Apr 2001

An Easter trip to PRAGUE

The Easter holidays was here. The car was packed and at about 5 o'clock, I and Karin stuffed our two (sleepy) kids into the rear seats of our car. And headed towards Prague.
In the Czechoslovac Republic.

You can check out Prague at this address
Or this new link from 2006: that I got from Frantisek Smutny.

We had booked a hotel room through the internet.
Hotel Salvator Phone +420 2/22 312 234 Fax +420 2/22 316 355
I can REALLY recommend this hotel to you, the people there were nice, and helpfull, and the hotel is almost at the town centre.

Wednesday evening, we saw the Karls bridge shortly, and found a nice restaurant
Thursday, We visited the old WW2 concentration camp Terezin "Teresienstadt" and the Karlstein castle
Friday, the Prag castle and surroundings, and the water fountain at Krizikova, which was playing synchronized to music (Wow)
Saturday, We just walked about in Prag, watching buildings, the Karls bridge again, etc.
(By the way, we were set on pizzas, but NO pizzerias would accept credit cards (except one)). Otherwise allmost all shops accepted credit cards.
Sunday, We went home again

Driving from Denmark took only 11 hours, passing Hamburg - Berlin and Dresden in Germany on the way.
But we have done trips like this before so it was just one more cosy and interesting trip.

Now where's the connection to SOMA you ask.
All right - On Saturday, in one of the MANY small market shops, I stumbled on - YES - a SOMA puzzle, in very fine finishing. I purchased a small version for 7$

Here is the small paper that came with the Czech SOMA
Can you translate this text to English or German then please mail to me - Thank you.
Oh - That was quick, today (9 days later) I received translation help from two sides.
My Israeli friend 'Isidor Bresler' made a German translation.(I can read German)
And 'Martin Vichr' from the Hotel Salvator made an English translation.

-------------------- Translation --------------------
Is the building block teaser containing seven pieces of different shapes. This teaser will practice your geometrical imagination and give you intelligent and creative fun.
# Start with easyer shapes - such as the cube. it has many solutions and it is only up to you how many you find (Picture is a hint)
# It is necessary that you use all pieces of the teaser.

Here follows some examples for your inspiration . . .

Pleasant Play
-------------------- ----------- --------------------

Look !! there are NEW figures.
They are added as A264-A282 in the figure pages.

Edited by Thorleif Bundgaard.

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