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Newsletter 2023.10.25 The SOMAP is being explored, by Manfred Arens.
Newsletter 2023.08.21 Update to the Newsletter 2011.02.03 about BABYLON added by 'Pappp'
Newsletter 2023.07.14 The American SOMA Solver program.(v4,0) The newest advanced SOMA programs are expanded in speed and functions, by Bob Nungester.
Newsletter 2023.02.20 It RUN's again - The historic SOMA FIGURE PROGRAM from 1999.02.25, by from Bundgård & McFarren.
Newsletter 2023.01.02 Dominoes may count 27 like SOMA, by Andy Lewicki.
Newsletter 2022.12.25 An STL control file to make your own 3D printet SOMA (assuming you have a 3D printer), by Paulo Ortolan.
Newsletter 2021.07.17 The 2001.09.06 game IACTAplus, is updated with game explanation and extras, by Thorleif Bundgaard. Daniel Sanzer and Paul Habere.
Newsletter 2021.06.25 The 2005.01.06 rhōma - a slanting SOMA, has been updated with a letter and a video, by Jim Allen.
Newsletter 2021.05.23 The 2016.08.17 has been expanded with a Manual Booklet V00 from from Dennis Rapisardi
Newsletter 2021.04.07 In memory of John Horton Conway, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
Newsletter 2021.04.05 A huge expansion of the SOMA+Plus / "Herzberger Quader" Newsletter (from 2000.08.14), by Bob Nungester and Ellen Mumford.
Newsletter 2020.12.20 The "SOMA Trade Game", a story expanded by Bob Nungester.
Newsletter 2020.12.05 The American SOMA Solver program.(v2,5) The advanced SOMA programs are expanded with compare, by Bob Nungester.
Newsletter 2020.09.17 Interesting SOMA height and Mathematics, by Tim Fielding and Thorleif Bundgaard (+ Bob Nungester).
Newsletter 2020.09.04 SOMA in Red, White and Blue. Hiding a color, by Bob Nungester.
Newsletter 2020.06.10 A new way to visualize the SOMA cube, by Bob Nungester.
Newsletter 2019.12.05 All SOMA solutions in the number and letter notation. by Tim Fielding and Thorleif Bundgaard.
Newsletter 2018.10.06 Examining the SOMAP in greater depth. is done by Bob Nungester.
Newsletter 2018.06.26 The 2017.07.01 "Spotted SOMA" is updated again. Michael Kragh Pedersen found more details.
Newsletter 2017.11.18 The 2017.08.05 "SKOR-MOR, One more SOMA producer" has added information, by Ray Gardner.
Newsletter 2017.10.07 Black and White 'Anti slide' SOMA, by Theo Geerinck.
Newsletter 2017.09.01 The American SOMA Solver program. (Updated News at 2020.12.05) by Bob Nungester.
Newsletter 2017.08.31 The 4 issues of Soma Addict has been updated with an impressive scan of the Original SOMA Addict, by Clyde Ankenbauer.
Newsletter 2017.08.15 (Outdated - see 2017.09.01) The Newsletters 1999.11.16 is now integrated in the 2000.01.12 Holding the Solver programs from USA, by Bob Nungester.
Newsletter 2017.08.05 The 2016.07.08 "SOMA and LEGO" is updated with video, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
Newsletter 2017.08.05 The 2016.07.10 "Distribution of SOMA solutions" is updated, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
Newsletter 2017.08.05 SKOR-MOR, One more SOMA producer, by Rick Nungester.
Newsletter 2017.07.21 Build SOMA inside a box, by Paul Arzul.
Newsletter 2017.07.19 Short Secret messages, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
Newsletter 2017.07.11 A lot more about SOMAP, by Merv Eberhardt.
Newsletter 2017.07.01 The 2008.04.27 "Spotted SOMA" is updated again. Bob seem to have found a solution to the puzzle, by Bob Nungester. (Thorleif, Theo, Mike).
Newsletter 2017.02.22 KUBISME, a bird of a different feather, by Henrik Lykkeberg.
Newsletter 2016.12.28 SOMA starters figure cards (and SOMA webshop), by Thorleif Bundgaard.
Newsletter 2016.09.22 The Balancing SOMA, by 'various contributors'
Newsletter 2016.08.28 An update to "1998.12.01 SOMA Alternatives", added a new article (the balancing SOMA) by Hartwig Beusch.
Newsletter 2016.08.17 SOMA manuals Collecting the electronic versions in one place.
Newsletter 2016.08.06 A whole graphical SOMA presentation (incl all 240 cube solutions), by Jan de Groot.
Newsletter 2016.07.17 The Web Simulator, by Shane Passon.
Newsletter 2016.07.15 The SOMA Timeline, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
Newsletter 2016.07.10 Distribution of SOMA solutions, by Marie and Petey (A potential question).
Newsletter 2016.07.09 Apparently correct figures, by JaggerG. (2017.07 Updated by Bob Nungester)
Newsletter 2016.07.08 SOMA and LEGO, by Eric Harshbarger.
Newsletter 2016.07.07 SOMA can start with small children, by Roman Marks.
Newsletter 2016.07.02 Lots of SOMA figures in a 183 page book, by Hiromu Ishii.
Newsletter 2016.07.01 How to glue your own cardboard SOMA, by Gaëtan Paradis.
Newsletter 2016.06.13 SOMA in beautyful metal, by Jan de Groot.
Newsletter 2016.05.09 A way to solve the SOMAP, by Merv Eberhardt.
Newsletter 2016.01.05 Ed's Continued Quest for all solutions, by Ed Vogel.
Newsletter 2015.10.08 The Normalization of SOMA solutions, by Merv Eberhardt
Newsletter 2015.07.28 Ed's Quest for all solutions, by Ed Vogel.
Newsletter 2014.11.26 Graph Theoretic Methods for SOMA, by Ed Vogel
Newsletter 2014.06.16 Educational SOMA playing cards, by Paul Matthies
Newsletter 2013.12.12 Looking at the SOMA arena, by Stevica Kronic
Newsletter 2013.11.08 Showing solutions in a new online viewer, by James Brink
Newsletter 2013.07.31 SOMA Swinging Shapes, by Charles Santee
Newsletter 2013.07.14 New way of drawing SOMA (re. SOMAP), by Furman Smith
Newsletter 2013.07.11 SOMA, and building strong values, by Lyndon Hawke
Newsletter 2013.06.30 One more update to "There are other Cube puzzles, by Isidor Bressler 2000.05.28 & 2010.10.25"
Newsletter 2013.02.01 Meet Mr. Piet Hein by Thorleif Bundgaard.
Newsletter 2012.12.25 A new set of appr.100 figures, and a Newsletter by Matt Cyr.
Newsletter 2012.12.19 The Heisenberg relations to SOMA by Thorleif Bundgaard. (Updated 2016.07)
Newsletter 2012.11.15 An update to Newsletter 1998.12.01 by Hartwig Beusch.
Newsletter 2012.08.27 A new Interlocking SOMA is presented by Steve Winter.
Newsletter 2012.08.05 SOMA observed in Aarhus, Denmark by Katrine Bundgaard
Newsletter 2012.04.02 Parity and Symmetry ? (using SOMA+Plus) by Doug Caine
Newsletter 2011.11.17 An update to Newsletter 1998.12.01 by Michael Sundermann.
Newsletter 2011.11.14 Why are the pieces labelled as they are? by Thorleif Bundgaard
Newsletter 2011.10.06 DBOX a fun way to SOMA by Thorleif Bundgaard (Updated 2016.07 and 2017.07)
Newsletter 2011.02.03 BABYLON Another puzzle ? by William Kustes
Newsletter 2011.01.06 A web viewer for SOMA by Jose Vasconcellos
Newsletter 2010.10.25 Update to "There are other Cube puzzles, by Isidor Bressler 2000.05.28"
Newsletter 2010.04.10 One more update to "The many faces of Soma 1999.10.26 & 2009.07.29".
Newsletter 2010.04.04 The SOMA Timeline by Thorleif Bundgaard.
Newsletter 2010.04.03 A 4 set SOMA figure is large by Paulo.
Newsletter 2010.04.02 The MondoBlogo SOMA box (With marbleSOMA) by Patrick Parrish.
Newsletter 2010.04.01 A SOMA Screen saver by Kelley Nielsen.
Newsletter 2010.02.18 The Australian SOMA Solver program, by Ross Channing.
Newsletter 2009.07.29 An update to "The many faces of Soma 1999.10.26".
Newsletter 2009.06.02 The iPhone game "Cubismo".
Newsletter 2008.12.25 Who was Skjøde. More to the history.
Newsletter 2008.04.27 A spotted SOMA by Theo Geerinck. (Updated 2016.07 & 2017.08 & 2018.06)
Newsletter 2007.07.27 A SOMA leaflet is scanned by Lynn Willis.
Newsletter 2007.05.10 1-3rd graders enjoy puzzling with SOMA, by Tom Keeler.
Newsletter 2006.11.02 Piet Hein A/S Release "BIG" SOMA.
Newsletter 2006.10.22 Who was Skjøde. Reprinting an article.
Newsletter 2006.08.08 Follow the Minnesota State Fair, by Edward Vogel.
Newsletter 2006.07.03 An update to Newsletter 1998.12.01 by Jim Waters.
Newsletter 2006.06.02 Burr Tools, a new puzzle program by Andreas Röver.
Newsletter 2006.01.01 A gift of 2 Rosewood puzzles, by Sharon Johnson.
Newsletter 2005.01.06 rhōma - a slanting SOMA, by Marvin Solit.
Newsletter 2004.10.07 Analysis of the checkerboard Soma by Anthony P. Rizzo.
Newsletter 2004.03.20 A universal SOLVER by Marc Moerig.
Newsletter 2004.01.19 A discussion of the universe by Thorleif Bundgaard.
Newsletter 2004.01.04 A SOMA board game by Andreas Gunnarsson.
Newsletter 2004.01.02 Mirroring and SOMA by Edwin B. Hathaway.
Newsletter 2003.10.26 A new SOLVER by Bruce Cropley. (Wow it's fast)
Newsletter 2003.09.24 Stacking Oranges - Is there a link ? by Thorleif Bundgaard.
Newsletter 2003.08.20 LiveCube - Another puzzle ? by Thorleif Bundgaard.
Newsletter 2003.07.24 The (Almost) Impossible Cube by Rob Hartmann.
Newsletter 2003.05.18 The complete "SOMAP" is found by William Kustes.
Newsletter 2003.04.12 SOMAcube sticking out by Andreas Gunnarsson.
Newsletter 2003.03.10 SOMA is OLDER than we thought by Ole Poul Pedersen.
Newsletter 2003.03.05 The oldest SOMA ? by Ole Poul Pedersen.
Newsletter 2002.08.26 An update to Newsletter 1998.12.01 by Steven Mai.
Newsletter 2002.07.02 The tallest figure by Jay Chan.
Newsletter 2002.06.21 World's Largest cardbox SOMA by Ed Vogel.
Newsletter 2002.01.07 Cubes of soapwater by Thorleif Bundgaard.
Newsletter 2001.11.27 What is Symmetry by Bob Allen.
Newsletter 2001.09.20 Cubes in 4 dimensions by Thorleif Bundgaard. (A 6D video added 2017.07)
Newsletter 2001.09.19 Coloring a SOMA cube.
Newsletter 2001.09.06 IACTA a new DICE GAME by Thorleif Bundgaard.
Newsletter 2001.04.15 An Easter trip to PRAGUE, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
Newsletter 2001.01.10 A SOMA article from "Mathematical Solitaires & Games", by Benjamin Schwartz.
Newsletter 2001.01.09 A collection of figures, by Torsten Sillke.
Newsletter 2000.12.03 The parity Proof. (Jotun's proof).
Newsletter 2000.11.29 The worlds largest SOMA, by Jan Kappen.
Newsletter 2000.11.28 A new fantastic SOMA program, by Ross Channing. [Replaced by Newsletter 2010.02.18]
Newsletter 2000.11.27 Impossibility Proof for the Five Square, by Jerry Solinas.
Newsletter 2000.08.14 Is there a SOMA+Plus ?, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
Newsletter 2000.05.28 There are other Cube puzzles, by Isidor Bressler.
Newsletter 2000.02.24 Folding SOMA pieces of 'Tickertape', by Sebastian Marius Kirsch. (Updated 2016.07 with a rescan of the instructions)
Newsletter 2000.02.09 Twisting SOMA figures, by Bob Allen.
Newsletter 2000.01.27 A new W-WALL impossibility proof, from Taiwan.
Newsletter 2000.01.20 Thorleif explores Folding SOMA figures.
Newsletter 2000.01.19 Philip tell's A short story of eureka.
Newsletter 2000.01.12 The American SOMA Solver program, by Bob Nungester. (Outdated - See Newsletter 2017.09.01)
Newsletter 2000.01.12 An update to Newsletter 1998.12.01 by Courtney McFarren.
Newsletter 1999.12.01 The 48 Symmetries of SOMA by Bob Nungester.
Newsletter 1999.11.16 A Windows SOMA Solver program by Bob Nungester. (Outdated - See Newsletter 2017.09.01)
Newsletter 1999.11.14 A Spanish SOMA folder.
Newsletter 1999.11.09 More about 1-9 Ominoes.
Newsletter 1999.10.26 The many faces of Soma. (Updated 2016.07 with a Brass SOMA)
Newsletter 1999.10.18 HEX: A board game from Piet Hein.
Newsletter 1999.10.14 Pyramystery: Another Piet Hein puzzle.
Newsletter 1999.10.04 Build your own SOMA pieces from paper ORIGAMI.
Newsletter 1999.09.16 Build your own SOMA pieces from dices.
Newsletter 1999.09.09 SOMA and Symmetry. by Bob Allen
Newsletter 1999.09.01 SOMA in the schools.
Newsletter 1999.06.21 A letter from Hugo Piet Hein.
Newsletter 1999.04.26 PYRAMID's a new way of categorizing SOMA.
Newsletter 1999.04.15 Welcome to a new SOMA Site layout.
Newsletter 1999.03.10 C. Kay Marshall's Figures.
Newsletter 1999.03.08 We have found 1069 SOMA-Nonominoes.
Newsletter 1999.02.26 Richard M. Naylor proved the impossibility of W-WALL in 1971.
Newsletter 1999.02.25 The SOMA FIGURE PROGRAM from Bundgård & McFarren.
Newsletter 1999.02.15 Bundgård prove the impossibility of W-WALL.
Newsletter 1999.02.02 Oh No Copyrights ?
Newsletter 1999.02.01 Winning Way's about the SOMA cube solutions.
Newsletter 1999.01.28 Robert Staatz proves 029 to be impossible.(New revision 03.99)
Newsletter 1999.01.21 Sivy Farhi's ALL solution finder program.
Newsletter 1999.01.18 The 4 issues of Soma Addict / Scans of the Original Addicts.
Newsletter 1999.01.16 Courtney McFarren's solution proof program.
Newsletter 1999.01.10 Presentation of Block by Block by Binary Arts.
Newsletter 1998.12.14 An original 1967 Danish manual.
Newsletter 1998.12.10 Parker Brothers SOMA manual.
Newsletter 1998.12.10 SOMA Posters.
Newsletter 1998.12.01 SOMA Alternatives (Checkered, Couples, Balancing).(Updated 2016.07 and 2016.08)
Newsletter 1998.11.23 Proving an impossible figure.
Newsletter 1998.11.22 Welcome to SOMA Newsletter.